Michael Daly, the Chief Technology Officer of Raytheon Cybersecurity, will speak at the second annual Security of Things™ Forum on Thursday, September 10th in Cambridge, adding his voice to a roster of speakers that includes FTC Commissioner Julie Brill and noted connected vehicle hacker Chris Valasek of the firm IOActive.

Daly is a recognized expert on cyber security. At Raytheon, he serves as a Principle Engineering Fellow and provides leadership in Raytheon’s cyber technologies. At the policy level, Daly supports the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee for U.S. President Barack Obama. He is a frequent contributor to publications ranging from VentureBeat to CSO to Dark Reading, and is frequently quoted in articles in publications including the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Daly has written extensively on the subject of cyber security, including the Internet of Things, noting the high cost of lax security in Internet-connected consumer devices.

With more than 27 years in security and information systems, Michael Daly has worked with both the private sector and the federal government with responsibilities including software engineering for law enforcement, and manager of enterprise applications and distributed computing.

In its second year, the Security of Things Forum is the premiere Internet of Things and security conference in the Northeast. It brings together security researchers, executives, policymakers and thought leaders for a day of discussion and learning about the preeminent challenge of our day: securing a fast-growing population of billions of connected devices and infrastructure – the Internet of Things.