CAMBRIDGE, MA - September 10: Chris Valasek, researcher in Uber's Center for Advanced Technologies, speaks at the second annual Security of Things Forum at the Sheraton Commander on September 10, 2015, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Co-hosted by The Security Ledger and The Christian Science Monitor Passcode, the Security of Things Forum gathers top security researchers, executives, practitioners, investors and academics for a day of discussion and hands-on learning. Photo by Ann Hermes/The Christian Science Monitor

The Security of Things™ Forum, a premiere one-day event focused on exploring issues related to securing the Internet of Things, is now accepting submissions to present at its September 22, 2016 event in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Submit proposals to our third, annual event by completing the submission form on our web site at: Submissions must be received on or before July 1, 2016 at 23:59 ET.

Hosted by The Security Ledger and Passcode, The Christian Science Monitor’s cybersecurity publication, The Security of Things Forum (SEC0T) distinguishes itself with superb technical and strategic content focused on emerging security problems and solutions related to the Internet of Things. In its first two years, SECoT Forum presented leading security figures including Dan Geer, the Chief Information Security Officer of In-Q-Tel, Chris Valasek of Uber, a noted expert in connected vehicle security, FTC Commissioner Julie Brill and Michael Daly, the Chief Technology Officer at Raytheon.

We’re looking for great speakers for our next event. Here is some information to make your submission a success:

Sessions and Tracks:

The Security of Things Forum is a one-day event that features two tracks:

The Leaders Track presents a variety of sessions on practical issues facing information security professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and investors. This track features a morning and lunchtime keynote presentation, panel discussions, fast-paced “turbo talks,” as well as fireside chats with leading executives on the front lines of the Internet of Things.

The Hackers Track features hands-on demonstrations, deep-dive, technical discussions as well as opportunities for hands-on learning including capture-the-flag sessions and small-group instruction. Intended for attendees with a more technical bent, the Hackers Track features subject matter experts and may have multiple conversations taking place simultaneously and throughout the day.

What We’re Looking For:

We are looking for submissions that fit one of the following criteria:

  • Turbo-talks: 10-20 minute presentations that highlight a specific problem, technology or area of interest. (Leaders Track and Hackers Track)
  • Presentations and Panels:  25-50 minute presentations using a traditional presentation or panel format with or without visual aides like slide presentations/audio/video. (Leaders Track and Hackers Track)
  • Workshops and hands on sessions: 20 minutes – ??: Hands on labs, small group instruction, capture the flag sessions and so on. Topics might include embedded device hacking, secure application design, patching and enterprise device management, IoT forensics, and reverse engineering. (Hackers Track)

Important Dates:

  • April 11, 2016 – Call for Submissions opens
  • July 1, 2016 – Call for Submissions closes
  • July 22, 2016 – Notifications sent
  • September 22, 2016 – SECoT Forum

Other Information:

Visit our page on the Call for Submissions for more information on the kinds of topics we will be addressing in our third, annual Forum. It may also be useful to review the program from our 2015 event to get a sense of the kinds of presentations we typically accept and feature.  When you are ready, use the Presentation Submission Form to complete your submission to the Forum.

Contact us:

If you have any questions about the Forum or our submission guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact us by email or using the contact form on our web site.