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Since 2014, The Security of Things Forum has drawn together hundreds of executives, security researchers, policy makers and IT professionals to delve into the practical challenges of securing the fast-growing Internet of Things.

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Security of Things Attendees broken out by title.

Forum attendees bring a deep knowledge of technology and business to our event. Twenty percent identify themselves as executives (CEO, COO, CTO or CISO). Forty percent are senior engineers or researchers. Twenty percent identify themselves as executives at the VP or Executive Vice President level.

Other professionals, including entrepreneurs, application developers and media professionals fill out the ranks at our SECOT events.

Security of Things Forums attracts attendees from a range of industries, as well, including banking and financial services, healthcare, higher education, technology, manufacturing, law and the non profit sector.

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Since 2014, The Security of Things™ Forum has brought together some of the best minds in industry, information technology, law and the public sector in one place to help understand the greatest challenge of our generation: securing The Internet of Things.